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What do millions of Scouts have to say?


How we figure it all out

As you might imagine, all of the content comes from Scouts, Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, and other volunteer leaders who vist the camps and then share their reviews with us.

The Secret Sauce
Once a few reviews have been posted, we average the rankings, use a few indexes (combining two or more survey questions together) and then share the reviews. While we do ask a few questions we may not share on the ranking just yet, this data is shared with camps anonymously so that they can improve their programs and facilities and provide better and better programs for your youth

Multiple Reviews

Is there such a thing as sharing too much?

We are thrilled to hear what you have to say, so we encourage you to make reviews of all the camps that you have visited in the last five years or so. The only thing we ask is that you be trustworthy, helpful, and kind (at least as kind as possible).

Checks & Balances
Just to make sure everybody is following the rules, our survey tools flag IP addresses and each response is hand checked and coded to make sure that camps are being reviewed by campers and that the machines have not taken over.

Where Are Reviews For Cub Camps?

What about our smallest Scouts?

We adore Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos as much as any First Class Scout, but unfortunately we have not been able to figure out a good way to let campers share the highs and lows of their resident camping experiences.

In part, rating Cub camps is made difficult because they change substantially every year, from themes, to locations, to staff. Furthermore, Cub camps often have much lower participation costs which vary quite a bit as do their durations and activities.

The Big Picture

How your good turn becomes a great turn.

Each year nearly 1 million youth and adults pack their bags and roll out to summer camps across the country to find a week of reward and recognition for a year of Scouting, but little information is available to help them make the most of it.

Now you can know before you go.
We want to encourage each camp to reach its fullest potential and your reviews help to make that possible. Just like the Scouts they serve, summer camps learn and achieve the most when they have a chance to compete and show off a little. If you would like to help more please drop us a line:



When, How, & How Many?

We want to add your review almost as fast as you want to see it. To make sure that all the reviews share equal weight, we review them by hand, check the comments and post updates every week.

Why don't I see the rating change?
It is important to note that the review you post is averaged with the other ratings, so sometimes the changes take a little while to become clear. However, to be fair we don't rate a camp with a single rating so you may want to invite some friends to share their review if they went along with you, to speed up the process.

Missing Camps

Lost & Found

Ever lost an entire camp? We Have! Just kidding, but sometimes Councils merge, camps open, change names, or become less primitive. If you can't find a Boy Scout Camp that you visited recently and you want to let us know please send us an email and we will get right on it.

Lost and never to be found.
To be included in the reviews, a summer camp must be non-primitive and host regular traditional merit badge based or high adventure programs. Typically we don't include sub camps like high adventure programs with different names when they opperate out of a summer camp with a trationional program.

If we left you out, let us know:


No Comment

Solutions to Speachlessness

All comments are screened before they become part of the review and are relegated to legend. We don't want to discourage comments, in fact, the best information comes outside of the script. However, we want to make sure that their language is courteous.

Once a comment has been accepted for the general site, it will randomly scroll across the camp's review with a few of its closest friends.

Join Us

Going, Going, Gone

Scouting has helped millions find their passions, build new friendships, and find adventures. Then we gained the courage to live them.

We believe that Scout Camp Reviews helps to improve the journey and it is only the begining. Knowledge changes all things and we want to discover and publish what Troops, Teams, Crews, Posts, and Ships are really experiencing.

Join the SCR Society.
In the coming months, we will branch out to find what Scouts and Scouters know, how often they camp, when they really meet, and what their favorite activities are so that we can share our strengths outside of one more meeting or another Roundtable. To get more and give more click on the lik above to Sign Up & Log In.

We hope that the topics below help share some of what we do behind the curtain. Above all else we want you to know that we love Scouting and that at our core we believe that by creating a forum for others to share their experiences that the program will just get better.