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Everybody Needs A Lift Sometimes

2013 JULY 1 BY Josh Rehs

Our mission is to help Scouts everywhere (boy, parents, and leaders alike) to find the best summer camp for them. For as many types of troops as there are out there, there are just as many camps. Whether you are looking for a black powder filled week of sharp shooting fun or solid merit badges for boys who have just earned their First Class Rank and find themselves at their first summer camp; we can help.

However, while our time and expertise is free, the hosting, advertising, computing, and electricity take a couple of nickels. To help with those expense we invite you to check out some of our sponsors in the upcoming weeks and let them know that you appreciate their support.

Whether it is patches, shirts, or sleeping bags from our sponsors we hope that you will click on through, give'em a look and maybe even make a small purchase. You're good folks and we couldn't do it without you...or them.


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